Tenuto | A Space for Street Musicians

A project designed for Israel’s big cities – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa
The street musician is an important and integral part of the bustling fabric of many cities. Based on encompassing and in-depth research on street musicians in central cities in Israel, MELACH formed the conclusion that designing a space for street players as part of a system that anchors the presence of performance in the urban fabric, would contribute to its position as a cultural asset which would raise the level of significance of the public space. The system, named after the musical notation for emphasizing a note, was designed with street musicians in mind and created to be operated by an institutional or municipal body.

The system defines the performance space through graphic, interactive and 3D tools. It includes objects around which graphical notations define the location of musician and audience – an acoustic dome creates amplification for the musician, shades him/her and provides lighting and a frame of pipes permanently embedded in the ground constitutes a chair for the musician, who brings the detachable seat with him/her. These 3D objects include a power connection for various amplifiers. In addition, as part of the environment defined for the musician, the project designed a website and application through which musicians can sign up for various performance areas scattered across the city and through which residents and visitors to the city can get to know the musician and identify future performances.

Graphic design: Ina Shevchenko

Simulations: Idan Galim
This project was awarded the Prize for Social Involvement in memory of Moshik Ben David by the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
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* "Salt" in Hebrew