Viewpoint for the Blind

A project designed for the City of Haifa
The experience of being struck by a landscape is trivial for every seeing person at a viewpoint. MELACH designed “Viewpoint for the Blind” to make the “viewing” experience accessible to the blind and visually impaired through simple means. The station integrates a spectrum of sensory information, including a tactile relief of the surrounding landscape, a description in braille, and accompanying audio that the “viewer” accesses by scanning a barcode that appears on the sign. Through the use of simple technologies, MELACH creates an expression of the landscape uniquely designed for the blind and visually impaired. Drawing inspiration from its natural surroundings, the viewing station’s physical, geometric “language” is designed to be replicated in similar potential viewing stations.

The project debuted at the Tachana complex in Tel Aviv in April 2015 at Art and Design Exhibition, as part of an initiative by ZE.ZE, a community-minded social business.

Many thanks to Adi Nathan and his guide dog Tango, Avi Adar from Geva Adar signposting, Eshay Ben – Zaken, Mordi Amar and Vladimir Vovchuk from MadaTech – the National Science Museum in Haifa, metal artist and craftsmen Eliezer Elkoby, Dudi Zangiri from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Yossi Amar from Gvanim Industrial Painting and Coating, narrator Arik Ninio, multidisciplinary artist Vered Alpert and Omer Vieman.

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* "Salt" in Hebrew