A project designed for the City of Jerusalem

For many people in Israel, the ten cent coin does not represent significant monetary value. On the other end of the spectrum, there are panhandlers and homeless people who gather these “yellow coins” to fund their next meal.

The difference in the perceived value of these coins and their immediate use inspired the design of the “Mazdeka”. The Mazdeka is an open container for collecting ten cent coins, located in the gaps/spaces between the planks of wooden benches on the street. The container serves as an intermediary between those for whom the ten cent coin is a nuisance taking up pocket space and those people for whom every such coin will be used. The containers are open to everyone based on research and experiments conducted demonstrating that those who do not need the coins will not take them. Since the innovative aspect of the containers is that they are open. The distance between the donor and the person in need is shorter – no charity collects the coins and distributes them as it sees fit.

The intention behind the Mazdeka is that it will be an initiative of the municipality as an expression of social and urban activism.

*An urban charity box whose name is taken from the root of the word “tzedaka”—charity in Hebrew.

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* "Salt" in Hebrew