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    MELACH’s fresh approach to urban design builds upon and intensifies the unique character of your city’s public space, creating maximal added value and individualization with minimal effort.


  • Every city has its own DNA. It’s composed of a blend of cultures, environmental features, residents’ needs, urban idiosyncrasies, local climate and more, which, together, construct the unique urban identity of a city.
    But the unique character of a city is lost in the day to day—un-emphasized and indistinct. Cities often differentiate themselves only on paper instead of highlighting their unique urban genome.
    At MELACH, “salt” in Hebrew, we emphasize the unique identity that exists in every city, in the same way that salt in cooking highlights flavors and improves them. We create a unique urban experience with the aid of custom-made design tools. These tools are a product of MELACH’s in-depth research process, which is designed to survey people and their interaction with the urban environment, including an examination of the various aspects of the city, a mapping of points of untapped potential and an identification of locations in need of targeted improvement. The foundation for MELACH’s unique designs is the connection between residents and visitors with your city. MELACH’s designs emphasize and encourage people to develop a personal connection with your city and its features.
    Where do we employ MELACH?
  • Where do we employ  ?

    • In urban projects under design
    • To improve/upgrade existing public spaces
    • To strengthen ties between residents and the city
    • To improve a city’s image
    • In cities that want to build an urban identity
    • In places seeking to create a unique, custom-made urban experience.

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* "Salt" in Hebrew